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Won Best London Comedy Club Ten Years Running


best comics at the Edinburgh Fringe


A selection of four different comics perform every day and quality is guaranteed; the 99 Club has won Best London Comedy Club from 2011-2019 at the Chortle Awards, has been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and has been Critics’ Pick or Choice or Must See event in The Guardian, Timeout, Daily Mirror, Metro, Evening Standard and many more.

Venue: Maggie’s Chamber

The Free Sisters

Fringe Venue 272

139 Cowgate

Edinburgh EH1 1JS

Show Start: 9.30pm

The show will last for one hour.


1st August Michael Odewale, Hal Cruttenden, Maria Shehata, Nigel Ng

2nd August: Erich McElroy, Kate Lucas, Jenny Collier, Sarah Keyworth

3rd August: Carl Donnelly, Sophie Duker, Brodi Snook, Steve Bugeja

4th August: Eleanor TIernan, Edd Hedges, Joe Bor

5th August: Hal Cruttenden, Saskia Preston, Ken Cheng, Laura Lexx

6th August: Ivo Graham, Michael Fabbri, Janine Harouni, Steve Bugeja

7th August: Pierre Novellie, Helen Bauer, Eshaan Akbar, Catherine Bohart

8th August: Pierre Novellie, Jimmy Furre, Eleanor Tiernan, Laura Lexx

9th August: Sophie Duker, Ken Cheng, Huge Davies, Carl Donnelly

10th August: Erich McElroy, Michael Fabbri, Sarah Keyowrth

11th August: Huge Davies, Emily Woods, Catherine Bohart, Joe Bor

12th August: Patrick Monahan, Janine Harouni, Michael Fabbri

13th August: Pierre Novellie, Kate Lucas, Eleanor Tiernan, Huge Davies

14th August: Ivo Graham, Ross Smith, Janine Harouni, Steve Bugeja

15th August: Nigel Ng, Michael Odewale, Uriko Kotani, Kuge Davies

16th August: Carl Donnelly, Sophie Duker, Edd Hedges, Sarah Keyworth

17th August: Erich McElroy, Eshaan Akbar, Maria Shehata, Catherine Bohart

18th August: Sarah Keyworth, Sophie Duker, Janine Harouni, Eleanor Tiernan

19th August: Pierre Novellie, Jack Caroll, Saskia Preston, Nigel Ng

20th August: Eleanor Tiernan, Caroline Mabey, Steve Bugeja

21st August: Ivo Graham, Emily Woods, Joe Bor

22nd August: Maria Shehata, Jack Caroll, Brodi Snook, Carl Donnelly

23rd August: Eleanor TIernan, Ken CHeng, Maria Shehata, Erich McElroy

24th August: Erich McElroy, Eshaan Akbar, Huge Davies, Steve Bugeja

25th August: Michael Fabbri, Jack Caroll, Brodi Snook, Joe Bor

All lineups are subject to change.

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